We Want Adoptive Parents and Children to Flourish.

PostAdoption exist to help adoptive parents and their support systems navigate the ins and outs of parenting children entrusted to your care. Our goal is to start conversations around topics relevant to the adoption community and help equip you to take on this season one day at a time. 

Being a parent isn’t easy. Walking in obedience through the process of adoption isn’t easy and supporting those around you who've chosen to adopt can be hard. It isn’t a journey you were meant to take alone. Join us as we join thousands of others.

Let’s walk through PostAdoption together. 



Meet Maegan Schwindling

Hi. I'm Maegan. I'm a wife, Mother of two. Jesus follower. Chief of Staff for an incredible tech company you'll hear more about soon. Social worker. The last three years a desire has grown within my husband and I to see families along with their support systems flourish. 

My favorite day is a Saturday at home with my family with no agenda. I enjoy time with my family, good food, social policy, deep conversations with friends, and traveling the world.

After spending nearly a decade working in foster care along with both domestic and International adoption, I've decided to marry my experience in working with families, loving on children from hard places and the relationships I've built in the private sector to start PostAdoption, a place where adoptive parents can find the tools they need to holistically raise their children and support their village.

You can hear the full story of the beginning of PostAdoption on Episode 01 of The Post Adoption Podcast.